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Conical/triangular starch grain and sphere shaped starch grains (transitory) ranging from 2 - 30 microns. Hilum is eccentric and rarely open. Extinction cross is well defined, with arms being slightly bent. Surface is smooth and lamellae are…

Ovoid - Elongate / Kidney shaped (reniform) starch grain and sphere shaped starch grains (transitory) ranging from 5 - 25 microns. Hilum is centric and extinction cross is bold, yet distorted medially as both y and x forms. Surface is smooth and …

Polygonal / angular starch grains, ranging from 3 - 8 microns. Centric hilum and well-defined extinction cross. Fissures uncommon and grains are often compound.

Supporting literature:
Yang, X., and Perry, L. 2013. Identification of ancient starch…

polygonal and sphere shaped starch grains (transitory) ranging from 5 - 20 microns. Hilum is typically centric and open. Extinction cross is well defined, with arms being straight or slightly bent (reflecting uneven surface). Lamellae are absent and…

Acicular hairs (articulated)

Circular/ovoid starch grain, lenticular in side view. Radially symmetrical extinction cross.

Supporting literature:
Henry, A.G., Hudson, H.F., and Piperno, D.R. 2009. Changes in starch grain morphologies from cooking. Journal of Archaeological…

Cone phytoliths typical of sedges

Supporting literature:
Mehra, PN and Sharma, OP 1965 Epidermal silica ceIls in the Cyperaceae. Botanical Gazette 126: 53-58.

Ollendorf, A.L., 1992. Toward a classification scheme of sedge (Cyperaceae)…

Non-lenticular ovate starch grains. Fissures are present and lamellae are rarely visible. Starch grains in this sample averaged 10 - 20 microns.

Non-lenticular starch grains, ovate/circular in form. Hilum appears to be central, bowed X shape extinction cross. Starch grains averaged 6 - 10 microns in this sample.

Ovoid and/or elongated, non-lenticular starch grains. Lamellae sometimes visible (med-large grains), central fissure (mesial longitudinal cleft fissure) and wrinkled surface common. Extinction cross is central, "often elongated on the same axis as…
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