Welcome to the McMaster Paleoethnobotanical Research Database. This database is run by graduate students from the Department of Anthropology at McMaster University and designed by PhD candidate Shalen Prado.

This database is a collection of microbotanical specimens from modern and archaeological contexts and is designed to evolve alongside research projects at the McMaster Paleoethnobotanical research facility. You are able to browse by type of specimen (i.e. starch grain or phytolith) or you can search for a particular species by using the search bar.

If you have any questions please contact Shalen Prado at prados@mcmaster.ca

Recently Added Items

Zizania sp. (Wild rice)


Polygonal / angular starch grains, ranging from 3 - 8 microns. Centric hilum and well-defined extinction cross. Fissures uncommon and grains are often…

Zea mays (Haudenosaunee White Corn - dried)


polygonal and sphere shaped starch grains (transitory) ranging from 5 - 20 microns. Hilum is typically centric and open. Extinction cross is well…

Schoenoplectus lacustris (Common club-rush)


Acicular hairs (articulated)